Life Activated

An eight week program dedicated to helping you live life with more meaning and balance so that you can ignite your purpose leave an impact and have more joy.

You’re here because you’re asking "WTF am I doing with my life?"

On the outside you seem to have it all together, the steady job, loving partner, smart kids, good friends to hang with and money to spend. But on the inside it feels different.

Like you’re going through the motions.

Like you’re not sure if this is as good as it gets.

The years of looking after everyone else and putting kids, partner, parents, friends, first have made you wonder, Who am I? and ‘WTF do I want to do with my life?

There’s a little voice inside that knows there’s something more for you; more than a job that pays the bills, more than being known as Xs mom, or the go-to friend when there’s a problem. Something great, something that uses your talents and gifts.

Something just for you.

But the question is what?

You've tried to figure out what your "thing" is of a while, maybe even years.

You've done everything:

meditation, journaling, sitting in silence, even trying all the self-help books like "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK" or podcasts like "We Can Do Hard Things."

Maybe you’ve even dipped your toe in the Law of Attraction or some popular youtube meditation (aka “rant”).

But nothing shifts, no great aha’s arise.

Or you don’t stick with it.

You wonder what you’re doing wrong?


You just need to go deeper.

Our data-driven lives focus on the rational, not the inspirational. Corporate culture conditions us to rely on our intelligence to make decisions. And the truth is you've been approaching this ‘what am I doing with my life’ thing like every other problem to solve.



Self-development courses

What if I were to tell you that the mainstream approach to deep, rich questions like ‘What’s my purpose, What’s next in life for me, How can I use my talents to make a difference’ suppresses our gut instinct and leaves little room for inspiration and magic.

It’s time to break free from your old ways of problem-solving, limiting beliefs and start trusting yourself to discover you.

I understand what you’re going through because I’ve been there.

Now, I want to help you connect (maybe even re-connect) with your intuition, find your purpose and make meaningful progress toward the fulfilling life you deserve.

With the Life Activated course you’ll get there.

Hi, I'm Mari.

I'm your life purpose activator.

I help you see and connect with the truth of your soul so you can reconnect with what’s important to you and what you want to achieve in life. My story may have started like yours, in my mid-40's, I began to feel that low hum of dissatisfaction, like something wasn’t ‘right’, I lost confidence at work, stopped socializing, and made excuses to myself and loved ones - I’m just tired, emotional, ready for vacation.

I woke up one day realizing that I no longer recognized myself. I couldn’t begin to tell you what I wanted or what I cared about. The only thing I did know is that I didn’t want to feel this way anymore.

It’s then I started to reconnect with the woman I once was and wanted to be again, I moved away from the ‘shoulds’ that had led me down the path of quiet dissatisfaction,I began to cultivate my own inner wisdom; and slowly take steps to achieve my big dreams.

This is what I want for you.

As your facilitator, I'll give you the confidence that doing the work is not so daunting. We'll uncover other limiting beliefs that you didn't realize were blocking you. The goal is for you to stand stronger in your conviction of your values and why you want to go down this life path.


an eight week PROGRAM

Giving you the tools to access your inner GPS,

the clarity to figure out how to get more meaning in your life, and the confidence to take action steps towards it.

The truth is, you don’t have to burn it all down and start over to find your purpose and meaning.

It’s about connecting to what brings you joy and balance and naturally improving your relationships and vibration (or resonance). Remembering that energy is all around us…We are energy and learning or reconnecting with yours is the key to connecting with your joy and shifting everything in your life.

Through my eight week program you’ll work through the 3-step method that I developed to help you access your inner GPS, gain clarity on what brings meaning to your life and take confident action towards it.

Allowing you to let go of everyone’s expectations and living full out because you don’t have to settle for a life that doesn't align with your values and desires.

Clients who work with me tend to be:

  • High achievers who work in corporate

  • Desire to have a deeper and fuller understanding of themselves

  • Looking for a supportive community of like-minded people and are ready to show up authentically

  • Want to make an impact in this world

  • Ready to trust the inner guidance of their soul and heart

  • Believe they are deserving of having a fulfilling life and ready to examine what's been holding them back

We're probably not a good fit if you're:

  • Not ready to trust yourself and your ability to take the first simple step

  • Not willing to access your own energy

  • Not willing to do the work to examinee what's been holding them back

  • Not open to different modalities and trying new things

  • Not ready to honor your unique individuality

  • Not interested in having an impact and leave a legacy



Live The Life The Way You Want It

Step into everything you've imagined for yourself - your family, freedom, joy, leadership and most importantly, your legacy.

Life Activated is here to help you reconnect with your



Uncovering your true passion and purpose - with a clear undeniable vision

Seeing how far you’ve come/all the great things you’ve done to-date

Reconnecting to your values and to what brings you joy

Creating clear actionable steps to start living your purpose with ease

Real breakthroughs and realizations

Eight week hybrid program made up of weekly group support calls and optional 1:1 sessions with me.

Why this mix?

I believe in the power of community, connection and group learning. You’ll have access to a community of people who are just like you. You’ll be able to ask questions, share insights, and receive validation.

I also know the power of individual attention and that’s why I’m including the 1:1 option as part of the Life Activated Program. Want to dive deeper into your unique vision? Tackle mindset challenges, get support to help you get clear?

You’ll have access to the community support group for as long as you need (beyond the initial eight-week program) The community will be hosted on Facebook and a place to seek advice from each other, get support and build relationships.


Here Are The Features


You’re going to do high level reflection. You can’t start to activate the life you want without seeing the past.


This is the most powerful module. There’s a visualization to connect you to your true desires and deep work to understand your values


This is where it gets fun! Here is where you start to create your next steps to bring your purpose to life


There is a 60-min call once a week you can join to ask any questions or share for the first 8 weeks after enrolling


A guided visual journey with energy healing to give you a deeper energetic seeing of what’s true for you.


Including journal prompts, rituals, gratitude practices, self-love affirmations and more in the form of workbooks, audios & videos


3 Step Method

to activate your life & step into your purpose


It’s easy to get caught up in the “shoulds” & lose sight of what truly sets their heart on fire.


Reflect on what you can do every day to align yourself on your designed path

execute plan & live your best life

Reap the rewards of your work & merge joyful, confident, and excited for your for step 

I know making a commitment like this can be a big step and I want you to beconfident in your decision, after all this is a commitment to yourself.

That’s why I’m offering a no-strings, no-pressure call where you can ask any questionsyou have about the program.

Spending money on yourself can feel uncomfortable and I get you, I’ve been there.

It’s okay to prioritize yourself and your growth…

You’re worth it!

* And that’s why there’s a payment plan option for you. You can split your payment into two payments over two months.


Stephanie Lundeen

"I was at a crossroads with my career and wanting to make a very big change. I needed support and some spiritual uplift.

I was amazed as career opportunities opened up space all in the direction that I wanted to go. ⁣ Mari has an amazing listening ear and highly perceptive uplifting spiritual energy which is comforting, fulfilling and uplifting.

Anyone really serious about a change, feeling stuck or down, needs to do this program.”

Lauren Cosgrave

"The word that I've used most frequently to describe how I feel as a result of the program is peace. There's a relief and I feel so much more in control.

I feel settled, more joyful, and happier. I have tools that I use. If you're thinking about working with Mari she's your guide. She’s great at helping you find your unique spiritual path.”


“I’ve walked away with more clarity and commitment to my life’s purpose than any other coaching that I’ve ever received.

Digging deeper into what I want and having action to get there with little steps. I wouldn’t have gotten there on my own.”


Enrollment Options


Course Access + Group Support


Lifetime Access to Course

Weekly Group Support Sessions for 8 weeks

payment plans available


Course Access & 1:1 Support


Lifetime Access to Course

Weekly Group Support Sessions for 8 weeks

One, 30-minute, private call

payment plans available


Access & Extra 1:1 Support


Lifetime Access to Course

Weekly Group Support Sessions for 8 weeks

Two, 45-minute, private calls

payment plans available


The act of reflection is to acknowledge where you are, where you've come from, in the present. Through this reflection, we're able to see and love ourselves. You'll be able to see what you haven't seen on your own.

During our sessions together you'll start by deepening your awareness of where you are in the present. So that you can be grounded and centered allowing you to focus and be intentional on your desires.


Private Calls

On the 1:1 calls provided in options 2 & 3, I will:

Help you get clear on the next best steps

Coach on any resistance that is showing up for you

Answer any questions that may come up as you work through the course


Your Mentor

I’m your life purpose activator, life mentor, energy healer, and psychic guide with 15 + years of experience in corporate and nonprofit world. I help you to see and connect with your vision and purpose through 1:1 energy healing, coaching and mentorship.





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